Mass Exodus from Canon?

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Re: Mass Exodus from Canon?

My preference is Nikon and Nikkor lenses!

However, if I have Canon system and large collection of glasses, I would be a fool to switch to Nikon or any other brand just because Nikon came up with the D300 and the D3. After all, [my] current Canon would not stop functioning just because of the new and improved Nikons. As stated by several who responded, my client only cares for the photos I produced, not with the tools I used to make those photos.

If I were affiliated with Canon or Nikon, I would provide an insentive for the customer to complete attached survey sheet for each high-end DSLR we sell. Frankly, if the manufacturer makes me pay for the postage, I limit the information I provide: name, mailing address, the product serial number, and pertinent information needed for the warranty AND for safety related recalls. Why should I pay for their market research? A carefully developed survey and with appropriate incentives would provide a very useful information that will help improve the product and sales.

Carl wrote:

. . .
Is my current impression right that there actually are many Canon
customers moving to Nikon? And if yes, which is the main cause:

What products do you mean? entry level, P&P, consumer, Pro-sumer, Professional top of the line?

(a) The current consumer (400D, 40D, 5D) lineup does not offer enough
compared to other brands

Only Canon users who switched can answer that.

(b) Nikon has currently a better marketing campaign

Would you define "better marketing campaign? Do you mean "incentives", ads alone, or do you mean combination of incentives and ads?

On the pro-level, I would imagine Professional Photographer are not swayed by marketing ad.

I am surprise that you did not mention the possibility of better product (feature and performance) and maybe price.

(c) Canon has done crucial marketing mistakes like waiting too long
for a 5D successor

I am still not sure what you mean by "marketing".

(d) Canon has frightened customers away with their handling of the
MK III AF problems

item (c) and (d) are user specific. Only those users of 5D and MK III AF can answer those. Others only speculate.

(e) Other?

The famous catch all!

Two years ago, a friend lost his Pentax system from burglary and replaced it with Nikon D70 with three lenses. Another friend bought a Canon EOS because it was on sale. A Professional Wildlife Photographer acquaintance sold his Nikon D2 for a top of the line Canon DSLR --swearing by Canon as the best he ever had. He later admitted that the FF was the real reason for the switch. At the Corporate Christmas party attended by 2,600+, the studio that provided the photo service had 4 photographers with assorted assitants and sales/clerical personnel. Two were using Canons while the other two were using Nikons. Not a single customer selected a photographer based on the equipment.

Bottom line, I would not loose sleep over switches from one brand to another. It happens just like switching from Ford to Chevey to Toyota to Mercedez to Acura to Lomborhini to VW to Volvo to Ferrari to Caddy to Yogo! Did I say Yugo?

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