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Re: To all, is "LeRentier" affiliated with the magazine ...

Thanks for your reply.

LeRentier wrote:

Just to make my position clear, I am a retired IT professional and a
fairly regular reader of that magazine.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Photim is the forum on which numerous people exchange ideas, tips,
share pictures, etc. and that forum is hosted by the magazine.

Thanks again, that's what I thought but wasn't sure.

My only point is the undue pressure by Canon on the magazine.
It is very bad crisis management and hurts their reputation.
I also believe that a manager who decides to sort of blackmail a
magazine because his lies are exposed, is a jerk.

Yes, I have to agree 100 percent with your point. That said, blackmail or not, IMO Canon has every right to withdraw their advertising (i.e everybody has the right to be stupid at their own risk). Of course the obligation of the magazine is the report the truth to the best of their ability. Sometimes a publisher's integrity will cost from the standpoint advertising revenue; this is simply the cost of doing business properly.

I have no idea who this foul mouthed, vociferous Roger Lafrite is and
what bone he has to pick with whom.

I'm not sure if my interpretation is entirely correct so please, correct me if I'm wrong (I'd really appreciate it). I'm getting the impression that Roger Lafrite is trying to identify three jerks. Jerk-1: Canon France for the implied blackmail (both of you seem to agree on this point, right?). Jerk-2, the magazine for not interpreting and reporting their own test results correctly in the first place (I'm assuming Roger's test data above was pulled from the actual 1DmkIII review?). Jerk-3, the magazine's forum manager(s) for shouting down those that reported problems with the 1DmkIII and depicting them as whiners. Sounds like you guys are not in complete agreement regarding the magazine's shortcomings (2 and 3), am I correct?


Joe Kurkjian, Pbase Supporter


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