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Started Dec 23, 2007 | Discussions thread
roger lafrite New Member • Posts: 13

they tested a bad copy

and they didn't detect it !!!

here is the problem

If you think that a camera whose last sharp image is at 25 meters, and he made it worse than the MkII when he is supposed to do better you make a great mistake

this month the e3 olympus has the last sharp shoot at 3 meters for 100km/h (a big gap if you compare to the MKIII)

Above it is their AF tests do you really think it has no problem ?

They do nothing during month and its NOTHING

Now they want a share of the glory of rob galbraith but when rob galbraith publish the fix it has noting about the MKIII on photim.

Today they play the indignant and try just a publicity stunt at little cost

it is just a shame.

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