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To all, is "LeRentier" affiliated with the magazine ...

and/or the magazine's forum (if there is such a thing)?

Is "photim" a forum? Is "photim" (assuming it is a forum) owned and operated by Chasseur d'Images?

You guys are having an argument in your second language and please don't take this the wrong way, but it's hard to figure what is going on for dummies like me. So please allow me to inject a "time out" and try to get a sense of what is actually under discussion; thanks for this opportunity. I'm slow but with a little help from everybody I'm sure I'll begin to understand what is going on.

Is part of the issue under discussion that the magazine incorrectly reported their own results (results that were published in the review but not interpreted correctly in the same review? Does everybody agree with what I think I'm reading?

Is part of the issue under discussion, assuming there was a mistake on the part ofChasseur d'Images, that they now are trying to cover up their mistake (in the initial 1DmkIII review) by diverting attention to Canon's recent removal of adds in response to an article (that came after the initial 1DmkIII review) which identifies a world wide problem with the camera?

Is part of the issue under discussion that the magazine's forum, specifically the managers running the forum shouted down photographers that reported problems with the 1DmkIII?

Is part of the issue under discussion ... I completely forgot what I was going to ask in this next one (hopefully it will come back to me). Hey, I warned you I was a dummy, didn't I?

Thanks for any help you can provide! Before you guys get "too" mad at each other just remember somebody else might be listening to the discussion.


Joe Kurkjian, Pbase Supporter


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