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Re: the chasseur d'image problem

roger lafrite wrote:

and after the rob galbraith fix message on his site we are end
october !!!! we see that on the front page of photim (he has been
removed note the courage !!)
they says they have seen no problem

which is the goal of hunter in this business ?

t is just about a smoke screen intended has to go up their
credibility near the public and this on the back of somebody

You're seriously working on lowering your own credibility by failing to translate the sentences that follow the part outlined in red. The whole thing actually reads:

"As for ourselves, we haven't noticed any problem with the 1DMkIII, and the users we know are more than happy (if you own a 1DMkIII that is suffering this problem, please contact us, we'd like to test your camera). This does not mean that their camera does not have a defect in a configuration that they haven't yet tried (the problem seems to appear in very bright light and warm temperatures, in AI-Servo only), nor that the problem affects all cameras in the series."

Or in other words, you may have a point, but the way you're making it weakens it... You sound like someone out on a vendetta against Chasseur d'Images, without telling us why (e.g. your scanned extracts from Chasseur d'Images are clearly no sufficient evidence of any problem - would the results be the same if they had run each test five times?)

For that matter, the typical test procedures one sees (in tests, or postings on various forums) are clearly not statiscally sufficient for most of the conclusions drawn from them... Not enough repeatability or repeated measurements.

David Gay

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