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Re: how to promote people

LeRentier wrote:

I believe this manager needs visibility, as much as possible.
If what he does and how he behaves matches Canon's likes, so be it
but, if he does not and creates wrong impressions, too bad for him.

this operation is just an smokescreen about the chasseur d'images tests

and what do you think about them (the chasseur d'image pages tests are here)

do you think that ronan loaec has made a good job when he not detect that the camea fails at 25 meters ? obviously not

and HERE YOU LIES when you write that no problem will de detect during test.

and you know that GMC himself have bashed some markIII users and they said in their magazine that it as no problem it is just some users who dont have the F1 licence

they reacted after rob galbraith has put the MKIII fix on its website

Now they want a share of glory and want to be the white knight that they have never been and on the back of someone.

Chasseur LIES and you LIES


On photim many users test their camera fix on TGV (high speed train) and find that canon france is doing a good job and that's the most important thing.

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