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Not the first time Canon is arrogant


My father and I have s 10 page long story on all the lies and trouble we got into trying to fix the focus problems of the Canon 70-300 DO lens:

Rumour has it that because of the Diffractive Optiocs (DO) this lens could not was not "sharp": That was dead wrong, but theses lenses (we tried 7 of them from different series !!!) indeed had a focus problem. But Canon Norway would not admit to anything, instead they where dragging their feets for weeks and feeding us with all kinds of b*llsh*t.

There is a guy in England (can' remember his name) that had same problem and he concluded that Status Quo is the same for Canon Europe and it goes higher up...

I am an Canon 20D owner, but have lostt all faith and respect for Canon !

Geir Ove

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