Anyone see the D3 insert in American Photo?

Started Dec 18, 2007 | Discussions thread
seanmcr6 Senior Member • Posts: 1,614
Point was made to non-Nikon shooters

Hang that on the wall and stand back 2 feet and tell me it's not a great shot. Seriously.

The point is until this camera (D3) could NOT make that shot with any Nikon gear available. Period.

frankly, it's been some time since Nikon could match apples to apples against Canon for two specific things...raw speed and high ISO quality.

This is simply a flag Nikon is waving to show everyone that, we can offer competitive tools for those people looking for these requirements.

Well done Nikon. To this point, the poster succeeds quite well.

I completely beleive you can take this shot with a 1D3. Having a background in supertsport motorcycle racing and a love for this type of photography...I am going to remake this shot next spring with my 1D3.


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