Canon France gets nasty - let's talk about Canon this time?

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David Gay Regular Member • Posts: 178
Canon France gets nasty - let's talk about Canon this time?

[The original thread seems to have wandered off into a pointless circulation flame-war and got locked, losing the essential point of the original post]

Joe Kurkjian wrote:

If OP's post is true, regardless of Canon's right to spend advertising dollars as they

wish I completely support the magazine for reporting the truth. Clearly the truth is
what all news media should should report; seriously, does anybody disagree with

If OP's post is true, at the end of the day Chasseur d'Images gains both my

admiration and respect. So, if OP's post is true what does Canon get out of all this,
certainly not "my" admiration and respect.

IMO the $64,000 question is whether or not OP's post is true; I don't know one
way or the other. Does anybody know? Is there a credible source that can support
or refute OP's statement?

Well the OP (apart from the typo 1D/1Ds confusion) is an accurate representation of what Chasseur d'Images is saying on their website at (to paraphrase, Canon France's marketing director cancelled previously scheduled ads because he was unhappy with their comments about the 1DIII AF). You get to decide if you believe Chasseur d'Images of course

And yes, Canon France can choose to spend its dollars as it wishes. And we're free to criticize/flame Canon France when we think it's advertising-dollar-spending decisions are regrettable or unethical, as in this case.

David Gay

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