D300 and 5D: Stationary Astrophotography [3 pics]

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Re: To Duncan and Thomas

Thanks to both of you for the tripod recommendations. This will be the next step to take after I got familiar with the ETX. Currently the ETX is my re-entry to astronomy and astrophotography after 15 years of abstinence, so the ETX is intended as a starting point.

From what I have read today it gets clearer that the ETX mount is only well suited for observation but not for astrophotography. It seems that - without manual corrections - 10 secs are possible when shooting primer focus, and a few minutes when shooting piggy back.

From my first tests today (on earth objects as it is still extremely foggy) I can say that the manual correction motor electronic isn't very accurate and it takes quite long before the scope actually starts moving in the selected direction. Also, when you touch the scope even slightly, the vibrations get visible at any magnifcation. But it's nice that you can do the corrections without touching the scope, so compined with a reticle eyepice this will at least give a basis for piggy back photography.


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