a 990, a halogen spot, white foam and a flower

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Method: El cheapo... ;o)

Hi there,

below you can see a pic of my top notch, hi tech, big dollar setup...

  • the white foam is called "styrofoam"(???) ----- both were less than a dollar

  • the spot is a 500w halogen "construction site" spot found for less than 8 dollars

  • the black background was a free find ... it comes every night around 8 and leaves in the morning.... ;oP

  • the garden chairs come handy if you dont have light tripods

  • the cats are needed to distract the photographer, to jump on the styrofoam and to move the plants in an 4s exposure ... (will consider trading them for a good tripod... ... well... even for a bad tripod ...)

about my "lighting technique" (damn... what a sophisticated expression for holding a hot halogen spot close to a white surface ....) ... y used 2 different approaches:

a:) spot introduced between plant and styrofoam ceiling, bounced off of the ceiling, resulting in exposures around 1/15th with medium soft light

b:) spot held over the styrofoam, pointing down THROUGH the styrofoam (1"), giving a very soft and even light, with exposures between 4 and 8 secs

take care,

ISOMatrix wrote:

Charandane wrote:

Alfred, absolutely beautiful images! What did you use for the black


Yes! Beautiful Alfred!! Did you do a knockout on this or are u
using a black background?

Gotta get me some halogen's as well! My 75w incandescents are just
a bit weak...lol!

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