Lens creep 'fix'?

Started Dec 18, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Care to share where it was made, and S/N?

S/N: 2621XYZ

Made in Thailand.

Creeps like a b@st@rd if pointed beyond 45 degrees from the horizontal.

Oddly enough, its resistence to movement, both in terms of normal zoom action and creep, is very "tangential". It's exceedingly easy to move at the 18mm end of the range, and exceedingly difficult at 200mm. All the way out, at 200mm, it doesn't creep back even when pointed straight up. Rotate to 135mm, however, and the thing will suddenly collapse back into itself

I can't say it limits my photography though. I'm the obstacle - not the camera or the lens. It's by far my favourite lens, out of my admittedly limited collection. The VR alone is worth every penny. Pure magic!

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