Lens creep 'fix'?

Started Dec 18, 2007 | Discussions thread
OP lordbeau Senior Member • Posts: 1,242
You're right

It's tight for a little bit then goes loose, then tight again...

I tried out two other copies in the shop yesterday - both far tighter, though one creeping slightly. When I got mine out, it just went 'plop' and extended itself the moment gravity got the better of it (yes, still talking about the lens here).

Interestingly, the salesman (who didn't try to sell me a new one) pointed out that mine was full of dust and specks on the inside. Hmm. That's after a year of 'normal' use. He suggested that the shop send it to Nikon and ask that 'out of goodwill', Nikon fix it. It's over a year old, so I'm not confident.

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