Need some recommendation on lens

Started Dec 13, 2007 | Discussions thread
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The risk with the tele lenses is from the weight. 1/2 pound plus that is out on the end of the S6000 front lens element. When I use my Sony 1758 tele, I always keep my hand under for support.

As for the Macro question... the 250 has less dof so you may have the eye of the bug in focus and the other side of the face might be out of focus.
The 150 with less magnification would be less effected.

FttSniper has some of the best shot with the 250 in this thread.

And Kiwi Ric just posted some of the first shots I have seen using the 150...
You cannot go wrong with either lens IMO...

After seeing Kiwirics shots it makes me what to get a 150 to go with my 250

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