Let see your Picture Of The Year (2007)

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Almost forgot one

Okay, this one is one of my favorites because of the memory attached too it.

We were driving all through Yellowstone National Park, determined to see every corner possible on our trip this past Spring. We were up in the northwest corner of the park, headed to Mamouth Hot Springs. We came upon this pass - a mountain road I guess where one side was steep cliffside (going up), and the other side was steep cliffside (going down). You know, one of those winding little roads you often see in movies, where you're always afraid someone is going to go flying off the side of the road into the canyon below?

Well, we come upon this 'entrance' (I guess is what you could call it) to the Mamouth Hotsprings area, and were about to enter this 'winding' road, when all of a sudden this herd of bison appears in front of us, followed by a long string of very slow moving vehicles.

We had no where to go, but to sit right where we were, as the bison came straight for us. They did manage to get around us, but just barely - it was exhilirating, and a little scary at the same time.

I was fumbling for my camera (to change the lens on it) and was shaking like a leaf as this HUGE bull bison came lumbering next to our rental vehicle. We were so close, I could have reached out and touched him if I had dared.

I'll never forget that moment:

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