Choosing Sigma 10-20mm over Tokina and Nikon 12-24mm

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Dileep Kumar
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Choosing Sigma 10-20mm over Tokina and Nikon 12-24mm

I’m about to place an order with B&H for the following and need your final advice if any.

1) Sigma 10-20mm lens, 77mm Nikon Pol. Filter (Slim), B+W 67mm to 77mm Step up ring (to use with 67mm lenses). And Tamron Lens cap (as Sigma lens cap is difficult remove).

2) SB800 Speed light. Can I use this flash on a normal Tripod? Do I have to take any additional items?

3) Canon 72mm 500D Close-up filter & 67mm to 72mm Step-Up Ring (for my 70-300mmVR).

I want to take all necessary items in one go as I’m located in Qatar and to save on overseas shipping.

Also, being an international buyer, I really want to eliminate the possibilities of after purchase issues/returns:

My serious concern is about Sigma 10-20mm. Please see the below quote from Joe of our forum. Please provide me a solution or should I go for a more reliable wide-angle lens?


the lens copy variation seems to be quite big for the 10-20. I went
through 2 not so sharp copies before I was satisfied with my current
copy. And I've seen quite a few people saying they went thru even
more with the sigma in the dpreview forums.


Looking forward to your feedback.

With best regards,

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