Nikon D40 owners - show us your pictures

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Re: Nikon D40 owners - show us your pictures

Rutro wrote:

Thanks Albert, I was trying to use available light handheld. What is
a good rule of thumb for ss and handheld?

Some great shots keep it up.

A good hand held rule of thumb to start off with, is not to go slower than the focal length of your lens... so, if you're using your 50mm lens, then ideally, you should go no slower than 1/50 on your shutter speed. This is not a hard fast rule, and I'm sure there are other dependencies, but this should provide a reasonable starting point, and then just experiment and practice to see where YOU are comfortable. Also, keep in mind that f/8 - f/11 is considered the sharpest aperture range for most lenses; of course, that may not give you the right DOF or light you need at times.

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