AA and AAA NiMH low self-discharge tests--Round 2

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My intent is to update these graphs as new readouts are available by posting them to the same location with the same name.

That way the new content should just appear on this page.

Caution: In order to show the initial capacity as delivered, I've adopted the convention of calling that -500 hours. This readout is not available for the reference conventional batteries included in the test.

The planned readouts are:

-500 hours capacity as delivered
0 hours zero-time capacity after at least three cycles
168 hours--one-week capacity
672 hours--four-week capacity
2184 hours--three-month capacity

Excel will show the value for readouts not yet taken as zero, so expect to see a bunch of curves drop to the bottom for the next readout.

You will need to click on the graph for dpreview to provide the full width.

AA batteries:

AAA batteries

I may make additional graphs--if so I'll post links to them in this subthread.
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