Examples of D3 light fall off (vignetting)

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Always compromises...

I just ended choosing the lenses for my D3. My collection includes the new 24-70mm and a 70-200mm Vr, and all equivalent primes, except a 70mm.

We've mostly been unaware of vignetting with the APS nikon's. Game over. I don't this has much to do with the FF sensor; some of my best primes will show next to no vignetting on the D3 at an aperture of 2:8.

The 24-70 equals most of my primes on sharpness, extreme corners included, except at 24mm: the old 24AF 2:8D is noticeably sharper in the corners, but it has a bad case of vignetting. Same barrel distorsion on both.
At 35mm, it's quite the same characteristics on both lenses.

The 24-70 outperforms my old 50mm 1:8 AF on corner sharpness, but the zoom pincushions and has more vignetting.

With the 70-200mm, although it's an extremely good zoom, there is no contest the 85 1:8 and 105 DC outperform it at 2:8 on all accounts. No distorsion, no vignetting, sharp all over.

Zooms always have been compromises: my two zooms vignette visibly at all settings, period.

Thruth is, it rarely bothers me, because of what I do, and because I use mostly smaller than 2:8 apertures. And software can cure most of it should it be visible.

Knowing these shortcomings, one can choose the right lens for the job: I would never use a zoom when doing reproduction, I may use one when doing portraits, depending, and I definately would use one when covering an event.
There is still no free lunch apparently...
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