latest very good LCD screen for photo editing?

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jeff9329 Senior Member • Posts: 1,229
NEC 2490WUXi-BK $825 at

Price update:

I just bought one from for $825 & $56 2 day shipping.

I will let everyone know how it goes and if there is any caveot with the $825 price.

PicOne wrote:
Yes, but those prices are for the NON-SVII 2490 (which doesn't come
with the EyeOne v2 monitor calibrator or the Spectraview software).

I ordered the LCD 2490 with SVII bundle from Provantage for about
$1250.. so that equates to getting the Monitor calibrator and
software for $150.. great deal, considering that NEC sells JUST the
software (no calibrator) for $169.

jeff9329 wrote:
Amazon has it for $1,100.00 through Ritz Camera and $1,116 with free
shipping through Amazon.

You can't beat Amazons liberal return policy.

PicOne wrote:
I have a 2490 on order with the SVII bundle. Basically they are out
of stock in this model, though I think they have the non-SV monitor
in stock. However, they expect evidently a shipment into their
distribution warehouse sometime next week (week of Oct 22) upon when
it would ship to me.. I'll let you know how it all goes.

Robert Sheldon wrote:

If anyone that is reading this thread does buy a monitor from
Provantage, please post your experience here. The numerical rating of Provantage is rather good but
there is quite a mixture of good and bad experiences in the comments.
I would like to here from those with a recent purchase of a monitor.
Bob Sheldon
Photo Gallery at

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