Auto ISO mode on 1D3.

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My 2 cents

1 - Anyone who says, this is a bad idea because they want to be in control.....simple....just do not set "auto-ISO". That is why we have menus.

2 - Nikon, Pentax and others have had this for a while and great implimentations. Canons lack of understanding the requirement for Auto-ISO is lame.

3 - Not saying anything new here (or above for that matter), but film had 2 variables for exposure once the film was loaded. Shutter and Aperture. In the digital World wer have 3 Variables, Shuuter, Aperture, and ISO. Not rocket Science. Just copy Nikon and Pentx. pretty perfect implimentations in both.

4 - I am considering the D3 just for this reason.

5 - I too have been asking ChuckW and Canon for this since the D30 (2000).

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