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Re: MarvC,...

lopoz wrote:

So you're saying that if I use the SB-600 wirelessly and use FV-Lock,
it won't spot meter? Why is that?

just tried it and you're right.. Still.. I don't get why..

For the same reason that using spot metering but not fv-lock means that it does NOT use fv-lock: Nikon decided to do it that way. Sorry for the flippant answer.

I guess one reason would be that it would be hard to do a spot meter reading on a feature that may be heavily side lit by one of the wireless flash units??

Nikon's flash metering system is very complex with lots of exception rules (eg: no spot metering in spot metering mode unless fv-lock is used and flash is on-camera). They really should publish a more explanatory booklet for the flash system.


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