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spot metering

lopoz wrote:

You really think so? If the flash would use spot metering, you could
expose correctly by using the pre-flash on someones face and not
worry about black/light clothing when recomposing. Now you have to
take into account someones clothing when exposing for flash (which
means you'd have to change your FV on the flash)

The thing is, a person's face is usually within the middle range of light levels, where as black suits are white wedding dresses are near the extreme ends where .5 or 1.0 stops of over- or under-exposure are all that's required to destroy the details. With black suits, it's usually not a problem, but with white wedding dresses, it definitely is.

So you even if you use a spot meter, you'd be better off taking a reading off the dress than the face, and using +1.5 or +2 ev.

I do think, though, that Nikon should have made the spot meter button work correctly with flash exposures. It's strange that the only way to get flash spot metering to work is by using fv-lock.


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