E-3 Warning!

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Here was my experience

when trying out an E-3 at a Demo Day in my local photo store (Antwerp, Belgium).

Had a great time. An Oly sales rep basically all for myself for 45-60 minutes becasue I happened to come just at a slow time.

All this time I handled the E-3 with some lenses available there and some of my own : it's a damn great machine !

  • EXTRAORIDNARY BIG AND BIRGHT OVF : biggest immediate difference with any other Oly camera previously handled.

  • No exaggeration about the lightning fast focusing with 12-60

  • Put my copy of the Sigma 135-400 on it : impressive IS result at 400 mm

(as compared to E-330 that I'm used to).

  • Good low light ISO performance and focussing.

  • Excellent WB with the extra sensor.

  • Buttons in all the right places and all other well-known benefits.

  • The battery grip is awesome for balance (that was a surprise for me).

Also took a look at some of the top pro lenses :
impressive but not for my wallet.
Unfortunately there was no 7-14 to try.

Rumour to be noted : the Oly sales rep was quite confident that 2008 would not just see an E-510 update, but probably an E-doubledigit camera to fit inbetween the E-3 and the E-510.

Probably late 2008 and absolutely no specific ideas about specs etc (what less than E-3 and what more than E-510?) but the general idea is gaining ground.

So these were my personal conclusion :

  • I'm probably not going to buy anything immediately, but when I do, the E-3's extras are really worth the price difference with E-510. So I can relate to the OP's feeling that handling the E-3 made him disqualify the E-510 as an upgrade.

  • For standard lens I'll probably stick with my 14-54 (it was fast too, and the 12-60 just makes the expense too big for one swallow).

  • I will try and hold off on the E-3 for a while. Maybe the price comes down a little (but in truth I think it is not bad value at current level). Mavbe not, but in the meantime there will be this E-XX to compare with...


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