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I just did a quick test:

Scene: Black 70-200 pouch with a white sheet of paper next to it.
( I'm using a D80 and a SB-600, Flash Exposure Value set to 0)

Composition in viewfinder is half of the black pouch, half on the sheet of paper.

Camera in Matrix Metering:

Switched focus point to sheet of paper and preflashed. Put focus point back to center and took the shot.

Switched focus to black pouch and pre-flashed. Focus point back to center and shot.

The picture metered off the white piece of paper was darker than the picture metered off the black pouch, even though the scene was exactly the same both times (keep in mind I didn't change composition, just shifted the focus point around, so to the matrix metering the scene was the same). This would mean that either: the flash is putting more emphasis on the spot under the focus point (in matrix metering) OR the flash metering is done with spot metering.

Camera in Spot Metering:
Same routine, same outcome as camera in Matrix Metering.

The flash exposure is calculated in the same way in both Matrix Metering and Spot Metering, that much is sure (to me).
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