I'm giving it up! I've had enough - - I hate photography. :-( OBS Rant

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Re: Thank you to all of you :-)

LilKnytt wrote:

I even ended up buying an old
interesting rusty planter which will be one of my subjects until I
get the hawk which has eluded me this week. It's frustrating to have
a hawk be on our property & not manage to get a single shot of him.
Why, the minute I open the door or move too close to the window - -
he's off.

Glad you're feeling a little better, Lil. You're in good company with the hawk thing. There is a family of hawks that live near or on our property and I can't seem to get an in focus shot of one to save my life. It's very frustrating when there are 4-5 of them flying around up there and I can't get a single good shot. Rick will be looking out the upstairs window or coming up the walk and yell to me "the hawks are out there" and as soon as I get outside they're gone or I miss the shot. I've managed to get nice shots of a few different large birds but I can't get those damn hawks.

Obviously you are much loved here, people care and are compassionate. I can see how that would cheer you up. We all get the blues sometimes. Some of us more than others. Your next great subject with exceptional shots will just fall in your lap when you least expect it. I should have been out today in the near blizzard taking pictures of dogs but it was so cold and the snow was coming down furiously -- didn't want to take my camera out there. Maybe tomorrow. The dogs had a blast. They played outside in the snow for hours.

Chin up. You'll be riding high again in no time. I get you on the rusty stuff. Try an older tractor. Rick's beat up 1952 Ford 8N is always a good subject for me. I have close up's of all the various parts. It's pretty cool. Well, Rick sure thinks so. LOL

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