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Ah, Samsung

Bob Jameson wrote:

lovingtheview wrote:

Ehrik wrote:

I read a post recently (I think on Sony DSLR Talk) where someone
wrote that the LCD of the A700 and the D300 surprisingly was by
Matsushita. They may have been mistaken, there was no source
given, just thought I'd mention it.

Excellent, Ehrik. In my list of possible suppliers of displays, I
completely forgot one of the majors. That would be interesting if
Matsushita-Panasonic were supplying Sony and Nikon. I wish we could
find out more.

It's right here back in August 2006. The LCD is manufactured by

Many thanks for the info, Bob. It is odd that this was not noticed by more people, since the Nikon display has been so conspicuous in forums lately.
In my earlier post I wrote,

"Can it be that long before a Samsung, Sharp, NEC, TI, Toshiba, Hitachi, or LG, has a display which is just as good or better (then presuming the display was from Sony?) If my scenario is correct, the Canon buyer just might find himself/herself a new display supplier."

I speculated that Samsung might be considered. My experience as a manufacturer's rep until I retired on '05, left me with highest respect for the R&D capability of Samsung. No new development would surprise me coming from this shockingly innovative company. Sony and Panasonic will not sleep as well for the next few years.

Best to All,


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