Best lighting for simple portraits

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Mick Ruthven Senior Member • Posts: 1,760
Re: A question about simple lighting

Please start that thread you spoke about Your available light work is amazing.

FredJamesPhotography wrote:

Hello and thank you for the kind words. Are you looking for a
simple way to do portraits only or what else are you looking for? If
you like I can start a whole new thread dedicated to the simple light
sorce that I use and get alot of userful feedback to help you. I
could start it here but I have found out when you have had a post out
awhile , many people looked at it already. I got in on the backend
and many of the great light users here might pass it up because they
already said what they had to.

I was about to start it anyway and then saw your post but would
rather it be freash for more response.


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