looking for thread on AF tune lenses

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Re: looking for thread on AF tune lenses

nikond2000 wrote:

anyone seen this post lately...Looking to test my 70-200 and need tho
know what to do

Here's the various threads relating to AF fine tuning







As Sam mentioned, don't get too picky about testing. I'd do the test if your real world photos are indicating a problem.

When viewed at 100% on the D300 and f/2.8 that chart can show the slightest focus error. This level of error may not be a problem in real world photos. You may find that a setting that works best at 70mm may not be the best for 200mm. Also I've found on my camera and a couple of lenses that the adjustment that corrects for close distance focusing errors may not apply at greater distances.

Using the chart at 70mm with the 70-200mmVR is tricky. You may not be able to get close enough to it to ensure the other markings on the chart don't influence the focus. For this case, I draw a thick line on a blank sheet and overlay the chart with the sheet. Position the sheet's line directly over the chart's target line. Engage AF on the overlay's line. Switch to manual focus, carefully remove the overlay without disturbing the chart's position, and take the photo.


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