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Irakly Shanidze
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Re: Irakly, a suggestion, if you please...

i am sorry mark for the poor word choice. instead of "indecent" i should have used "substandard". the only person who used the horizontal clamshell successfully was robert mapplethorpe, and i would never call those portraits conventional. they were all intentionally made to look flat, which is very cool on a jet-black background. if you are spending so much time perfecting the technique, believe me, it could have been much better invested.

as for my teaching style, perhaps it is not the most politically correct, but extremely effective, because i always say what i really think about a photo. what purpose will it serve to say "good job" when it really is not?

in commercial portraiture i am a proponent of the simplest lighting setups, as they give the most natural look, if used properly.

for a portrait below i used just one light, an strobe in a 60x60cm softbox bounced off a ceiling and double-bounced off a ligh-gray ceramic floor.

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