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Irakly, a suggestion, if you please...


If I may make a suggestion given in the spirit of "learning"... I'll go ahead and grant you that you didn't intend your comments to be insulting and demeaning... though they were... Even another poster thought they were...

From the quality of your work and the fact that you are an experienced teacher I would have expected a bit more from your teaching method. You mentioned that if there is something to learn, you would be the first in line. May I suggest that though you are be an experienced teacher, there might be a lesson here for even the experienced teacher in giving a "graceful critique."

And, although I understand your viewpoint, I respectfully disagree with your conclusion... And I think you do the original poster a diservice to suggest that this style would be considered somehow "indecent" (Please consider just how insulting that sounded.)

I am aware that the technique I use is only one of many available, but I find that I like the results, and I've chosen to concentrate my efforts at this time toward mastering that technique. From your portfolio, I know that you understand that art is a very personal endeavor. I'm still learning in this field and in fact I'm my own harsh critic. But I'm following my own personal likes and dislikes in this matter. And if that's not what the portaiture-world deems acceptable, then so be it. I find that I really like this kind of lighting. Would you really counsel me to go against my instincts? And what really keeps me going is that my clients like it too. And as such, I believe the original poster's clients would also like this technique.

Irakly, I admire your work, by the way. I'm just not crazy about the way you made your point in this particular manner.

And, by the way, I'd love to see what someone with your level of skill does with this type of lighting. You could look at it as a "non-standard" approach... I'd "stand in line" for that...


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