Best lighting for simple portraits

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FredJamesPhotography Veteran Member • Posts: 3,972
Use whatever Pelle says

Pelle's work with flash is magnificent!! I am anatural light nut and can tell you alot about that. I use natural light better than most and thats only because of a love for it. I am passionate about using it in my work and if you do that with anything, ressults will be great!

Pelle's work is so sweet and I think if anyone wants to excell in flash photography they should learn from this Pro that is giving most vaulable time here.

Pelle, I haven't had the pleasure much to talk about light but one day would love too. I have found my nitch with natural light but when i use flash it is a look like yours I strive for. Thanks for the replies you give here and your time.

Fred James

These are a few various examples of what I do with natural light and people.

To the poster here, Of corse natural light is free and we have it all around us but i would take Pelle's advice amoung other fine posters here and ask as many questions as they will answer to get you in the right direction.

Good Luck, Fred

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