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Re: D3 AF problem

I have had this same problem and it was driving me crazy. I would shoot in single servo mode, get off a few shots and then focus would seemingly lock up or stop working. When I pressed either the shutter release or the AF button on the back - nothing. The camera would not attempt to acquire focus, but it would fire off a shot even though it wasn't focused on the bracket area (and I have focus priority selected for single servo).

Here is what I discovered the problem was - the lens release (black half circle) button is large and it sits high and prominent relative to the surface of the camera body. My hand was in contact with the lens release button as I gripped the camera and the slightest depressing of that button will disable the single servo focus mode. It won't acquire focus as you partially depress the shutter release (or the AF button) but it will continue to fire the shutter if you go all the way down.

Perhaps because of the extra weight of the camera combined with the out forward weight of the 24-70 f/2.8 lens, myself (and others) are gripping the camera more aggressively with the left hand. I wish the lens release button was set a bit more flush and not so easily (accidently) depressed, but the camera is the way it is. Try out what I've described and see if it recreates the situation you're experiencing with the focusing problem.

Robert Capra
Walnut Creek CA

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