Best lighting for simple portraits

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Re: Best lighting for simple portraits

I am in the same position of looking at photography as a pre-retirement/retirement career. At this point, though my day job pays too well and they keep on extending my contract.

After lurking here for a while I have invested in an Alien Bee studio set up and some Canon Speedlights. I have done almost all of my shooting in natural light before and I am finding artificial lighting the greatest challenge that I have encountered so far.

Not sure if I will ever be good enough to make a go of it but it is fun trying. I am following this thread with interest. Thanks for posting

Bobalooie wrote:

After a job loss of some 30 years, I've been encouraged to follow my
passion and dream and maybe try and make a small and simple living. I
live , eat, and breathe photography...what would your best idea be
for a simple, and inexpensive lightimng for portraits. I've mostly
used existing light with great results. But I would need a more
consistant source of light..(so I could consitantly eat) lol

Sorry, long winded I know...

question being.....Best, or prefered, inexpensive to start...portrait

Thanks in advance......

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