I'm giving it up! I've had enough - - I hate photography. :-( OBS Rant

Started Dec 14, 2007 | Discussions thread
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I'm giving it up! I've had enough - - I hate photography. :-( OBS Rant

I got back into this to help my headaches & to bring back a passion I once had for photography. I did it for me. For personal growth & enjoyment. I'm a horrible photographer - go back to a stupid P&S is what I'm telling myself tonight.

So for the last few days. Nothing comes out right. Not even a simple shot. Nothing goes the right way. Not even stupid pp'ing.

Am I the only one who feels like this at times? Or am I only having a lousy day cause one of my favorite birds was dead in his cage this morning, & my ride on my Destined was a total disaster & because I can't do the simplest of things right with either camera today......

Am I burned out? I know I have great cameras..... I know it's pilot error...

Am I alone in this or do others feel this way at times as well?

OK - if you're planning to rant back! Why did you read my rant in the first place? I need positive feedback & support & NOT bashing right now.


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