FZ 18, is it me or....

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Re: FZ 18, is it me or....

drumsultan wrote:

PP is something new to me. It seems to me that the less you have to
do, the better.
Once you get an understanding of the camera, you shouldn't need too
much PP.

Well, yes and no.

I haven't met a digital image yet that I didn't think would benefit from some post processing. I take a minimalist approach. After cropping and/or reducing an image in size, I generally do a light sharpening and levels adjustment (one the the brightness and contrast tools available in programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Elements and Paint Shop Pro. I'm not familiar with GIMP, a free, full-featured image editing program, but I understand it has many of the same features as Photoshop).

I've kind of stopped counting the number of digital cameras I've owned, but a number of them can be considered advanced digital cameras. The FZ18 is the best, most versatile of the bunch if you don't require a hot shoe. Is it perfect, no. It does have some noise issues but when you look at low light photos taken by people in this forum, you see the possibilities and quality that can be obtained.

If you care to take a peek, here are some of my favorites that I shot with the FZ18:


Incidentally, and importantly, the help and assistance from others in this forum is great!

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