More Lip Service from Canon on Mk III Repair

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Re: Erm, aren't you supposed to get a confirmed date from


You can do that yourself at home unless you're a complete idiot. You were trying to jump the queue, but in doing so you, and presumably large numbers of other idiots, flooded the capacity of the local service center. Canon set up new facilities specifically to handle mirror updates, and handed out specific dates so that people would not be without their camera for an extended time. You ignored this and dumped the job on the normal service center, which has to cope with the usual flow of repair work (which it was set up for) plus 1DIII updates and suddenly, what a surprise, they have a large backlog.

minihorses01 wrote:


The camera was taken in for the firmware update and they said they
would do the mirror fix rather than have me send it to Virgina. I
have an early confirmation number for the repair and the SN is 501...
They are the one's who took it in saying they would do the submirror
fix and have it ready in two weeks. Erm?

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