Best lighting for simple portraits

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Martin Caie Veteran Member • Posts: 3,830
Re: Best lighting for simple portraits

I also prefer classic lighting and poses, but do the other stuff for fun, too. The third and last images in Mike's gallery are the kind of shots I like when it comes to artificial lighting.

I love nothing more than doing an outdoor session with but one camera and lens. It's simply wonderful to jump in the car like that and have nothing else but your wallet, keys and 'phone to worry about.

So my recommendation for a kit is a three-light kit, preferably able to be powered from both AC and DC currents, with at least one softbox, preferably two, and some umbrellas and a good reflector or two.

I would get Alien Bees or White Lightening without hesitation. One thing that can be overlooked is the ability to tone down the lighting as many units can't provide such low output as this company. Seldom will you hit the uppoer limit of power output - it's usually the other way that is of most concern.

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