Best lighting for simple portraits

Started Dec 13, 2007 | Discussions thread
YoungJedi Senior Member • Posts: 2,637
Big mistake...BBGunWB

Pretty much the same setup I bought when I got into shooting. I have a flashlight that puts out more constant lights are never enough and they are really hot.

Not saying some people cant work wonders with them...but in all honesty, you have to use such slow shutterspeeds and open up the apuerture so much that you never get good results...Just saying what happened to me...Thats all;)

BBGunWB wrote:

I just bought this kit:

from B&H as an early Christmas present from my wife. ("I can never
figure out what you want, order what you want yourself this year" )

I figure its a good, flexible start without investing in extra flashes.


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