Is DX going to last?

Started Nov 30, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Is DX going to last? - Not at the pro level

The D400, which will probably be announced sometime in 2010, will almost certainly be FF. (Don't flame me on this. Just save the message and refer back to it when the D400 is announced.)

DX will still be used for whatever replaces the D40x/D80.

So, while we may still see some new and interesting DX lenses aimed at the amateur (cf. the 18-55 VR), don't expect any new pro-level DX lenses. (Note the lenses announced with the D3/D300. FF is clearly the future of pro-level lenses.))

I'm speaking of course of what Nikon will do. I won't try to guess what the third-party manufacturers will offer.

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