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Re: Pro1 retrofit CMOS chip ??

Max@Home wrote:
Hi sarlo100,

sarlo100 wrote:

I recently got my hands on a Pro1. Wow, what a lens. The pictures
have that "bite" that only a high quality lens can offer.

...the only reason to be bothered with this slow camera (by today's
standard): ImageQuality second to none

I'm personally of the opinion that the sun will go nova before we'll ever
see a Pro2, which is a shame.

A Pro2 with 12MP CCD Chip ?? Unlikely to happen indeed, but you do
know Canon is building a complete new factory to produce CMOS chips
for COMPACTS, do you ?? :-))

And that could be a great launch-camera: PowerShot Pro, 6 MP CMOS
with ISO ranging from 100-800 + 1600 'H'... if Digic III can make
that as smooth as DSLR output...

.... just for
arguments sake, what would you like to happen if Canon did eventually
offer such a thing, and how much would you pay for it?

As said:


'modern' AF (speed- and accuracy-wise)

'modern' reading/writing speeds to/from card

24-200 F2.8 L IS USM lens


MANUAL zooming

2.5" LCD, articulated and tilt-swift design (as is)

Higher refresh rate & resolution on the EVF

Better control layout (especially the ' ' button is now almost

NO freaking film/video modes! Leave that for the S5/TX-1 successors :-))

Full flash hotshoe (also supports ST-E2), PC-SYNC terminal for studio

RAW shooting mode, Adobe color scheme, PictureStyles that fully match
the DSLR's (so images can easily and unnoted be 'mixed' in a

GPS-terminal to add GPS data.

...anything else I overlooked

And, IF that L-lens would truely be as great as the 28-200, I would
be willing to spend ~$ € 750 - ~$ €1.000...

... my thoughts, and my €0.02 worth...

Kindest regards!


Yes, I like it!!!!!

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