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Re: Sharpening software

I think the answer is in all the answers offered here. It depends on the image, it's native resolution, the subject matter and the amount of in-camera sharpening applied before you get it (if any). Many pay extra for commercial sharpening tools. Many of these work OK and they are usually quick and easy and don't require much thinking. Sometimes, like your camera's automatic focus or automatic exposure, everything is "spot on." Other times, depending on the subject matter, they give less than optimum results.

I would suggest you buy the late Bruce Fraser's book mentioned elsewhere in this thread. Dan Margulis has also addressed sharpening issues in his book "Professional Photoshop" and is continuing to work on new ideas. Understand how sharpening works and the illusion it creates and how such illusions are created. Then build your own actions to fit various types of images. You will need to tweak sliders during several steps for optimum results with individual images, something that the automatic do-it-all programs don't do, if you are a perfectionist. If not, buy something and press a button.

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