14-54 vs 14-50 wow

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Re: Unbelievably silly test...

Alberto Battelli wrote:

Well, I don't see why everyone is so defensive about this.

Alberto, I don't think that anyone is really "defensive" about this topic, myself included. It does, however, annoy me a bit to see poorly done comparisons like the one you have posted, especially by folks that should know better. No offense intended, but judging from your posting history and apparent ownership, past and present, of a great variety of camera bodies and lenses, I would have imagined you being in the category of folks that should know how to set up a proper test.

I'm no pixel peeper, I just got the lens and decided to take a couple of
unscientific shots, that's all. The 14-54 has served me very well
since I've had it and I don't think it is a bad copy. Maybe my hand
was shaking when I took that shot. I will go out today and use the
Leica and see if I like the pictures better. I wouldn't mind sending
it back and continuing to use the 14-54 if the images are comparable,
it's lighter and less expensive.
I would also appreciate some constructive criticism, like maybe a
link to somewhere where someone has conducted this test in a more
"controlled" manner.

I don't know if the search engine is working today. However, if it is, you should be able to find forum postings with comparisons of the two lenses in question. My recollection is the general consensus opinion is that the difference in IQ between the two lenses is negligible to nonexistent and that choosing one over the other comes down to determining which features (e.g., IS, weather-resistant seals, weight) are a priority. Certainly, if you own a tripod, I'd advise you to repeat your comparison tests to determine how your particular samples of these lenses compare. Just be sure to use manual focus, taking advantage of the focus precision provided by the Live View feature of your camera(s).

FWIW, here are links to what IMO are two professionally done tests of the Oly 14-54mm zoom lens:



Of course, your sample may vary in quality from the ones used for the above tests.


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