a D300 matrix metering question

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Re: a D300 matrix metering question

breivogel wrote:

I think people really need how to properly expose in manual mode with
spot metering or incident metering. The matrix is unpredictalbe
outdoors and does not give consistant results. I see many images that
are either over or under exposed. To make matter worse, those folks
who seem to like matrix don't be inclined to carefully check their
histograms (especially all color channels.

Checking the histogram does little good in some situation. I mean, you know that the photo is failed, but since the moment is gone anyway, it's not like you can afford to take another one. Same with spot metering. It's nice if you're operating with plenty of time on your hand. However, if all you have is 5 seconds to take the shot, I would rather be able to rely on a reliable metering system and spend these five seconds on composition and getting the decisive instant.

Matrix metering has a purpose. Spot metering has another one. Otherwise, you would not have the option to switch the metering mode...

Matrix is needed when you need speed and freedom of operation. It's also a must have when light changes all the time. With the D200, I know when I can rely blindly on Matrix and when I cannot. In all but a few situations, Matrix metering works fine. If this is not the case on the D300, it is a real problem.

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