Sure To Cause A Stir - D3 vs 1DsIII

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Re: yes but 21 MP (Lifted from Photobusiness)

What is important to many pro photographers who work for a specific client is 'file size'.

The file size of the D1s 3 is 300dpi @ 18x12, this can then be upsized to 300dpi @ 25x16 with ease, as its full frame (which always helps) and its 21mp (again which always helps).

Calendar and poster companies that i work for demand that the picture size (little writing at the bottom of the picture) when blown up sez at least 107m.

Personally i dont always agree with what a clients views, but i dont argue with them, as they partly pay for my mortgage which is about $5,000 pcm.

My Kodak SLRn (Nikon body) 14mp full frame and no AA filter will most probably produce a much sharper picture than a D3.
File size of a SLRn is 300dpi @ 15x10 (about the same as a D3)

What would i buy?

I might buy both cameras Nikon and Canon, test them and keep the one that is the best for my need and get rid of the other one.
No 'Camera brand' gang colours on the back of my jacker.
If it does the job well,then i can do my job better.


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