a D300 matrix metering question

Started Dec 7, 2007 | Discussions thread
KenEis Veteran Member • Posts: 4,055
It depends

I think you are viewing the matrix metering algorithm like a different averaging or center weighted algorithm. Not so.

When Nikon came out with matrix metering then 3D matrix they talked about a data base of thousands of lighting conditions that are used to analyze the light from the 1024 detectors that make up the "light meter". So matrix is a smart metering system. But of course these smarts don't always work. I'd bet that if you were to pick several lighting scenarios some would be more center weighted then others. So some people's smart are another person's inconsistent.

I tend to use matrix but vary the EV from my experience so its sort of my intellegence on top of the matrix algorithms smarts. Yes matrix works with EV.
Ken Eis

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