Sure To Cause A Stir - D3 vs 1DsIII

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Re: They Don't REALLY Compete

Joe Mondello wrote:

These 2 cameras really don't compete for the same shooters IMO.

But what about shooters who can afford to buy only one camera, and want to use it for a wide range of shots? I suspect they will lean towards the Nikon, which will produce prints as good as the Canon's in typical print sizes, at low ISOs, and will do better at high ISOs.

As for people who think the 5D is as good as the D3...they apparently haven't shot one or the other.

I agree that the 1DsIII and the D3 are two quite different cameras, and both excel in a particular area, and aren't bad in the other. In fact, the 1DsIII's high-ISO qualities would have been considered near-miraculous five years ago, or even three.

If there is a D3x, I expect that it will perform about like 1DsIII -- better rez, not as good as the D3 at high ISO. Then, if the 1D3 problems get resolved, both Canon and Nikon shooters will be able to buy unbelievable two-camera systems that will push MF harder than its ever been pushed, and still be able to shoot in near-darkness.


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