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Re: Make the EVF mobile!

wolfie wrote:

Some inspired and wide ranging thinking going on here.

With the emphasis on the big rear LCD for viewing, along with the
larger DSLR lenses, the lack of IS would be a real issue as the
over-powering tendency is to use the big screen for composing, of
course, holding the camera out from the body in a shake producing
position. Yes there is the EVF, but once you've got the big screen,
human nature will be to use that, and then the stability issue
automatically follows.

I automatically use the LCD on my R1 when taking people pix at parties. I also use it when the camera is on a tripod. But when I'm shooting sports and animals, especially in the bright sun, I always use the EVF. I'm egotistical enough to believe that any competent photographer would do likewise.

Here's an idea - make the EVF itself mobile (rather than the main
LCD display) -use a self contained unit like on the Ricoh GX100 -
have multiple sockets (may or may not be a hot shoe shaped) around
the body top and sides it can plug into. That keeps all the left,
right and one-eyed people happy!

Well, it IS movable. I thunk long and hard on this one. I've had MANY ideas run up the flagpole: 1) A rail along the top where the EVF can be positioned anywhere, 2) A wireless EVF...either leave it on the body or remove it and clip it on your face, 3) A cable that will allow the EVF to be remoted, 4) Virtual Reality glasses in lieu of an EVF. There are plusses and minuses for each of these.

To include IS would require some redesign. I'd have to let the lens motor modulate the Z-axis in order to get the contrast AF speed up. This would work well for the SBF lenses designed for the system, but I worry that it might be slow or inaccurate using lenses from other systems. The key parameter is that the Z-axis displacement must be EXACT and consistent , in order to predict the ballistics of the big focus move.

I personally prefer buttons and wheels for making settings, touch
screens could end up a smeary mess during a busy session and render
the main screen difficult to use. Havent seen the Apple phone in the
flesh, so dont know how well the touch screen handles skin oils,
moisture or dust from being handled over a period of time.

I'll ignore your reservations until you have time to experience a high-resolution touch screen with a glass cover.

Pragmatically, I think that no established camera maker (except maybe
Sigma) would think of offering a camera with a mount other than their
own - but then, that's what lens adapters are for! However they would
have to be fully communicating adapters before you would get anything
like serious interest from the mass market. Probably not even a big
technical challenge in a lot of respects - a bit like the 4/3
situation - because of the EVIL's small lens to sensor distance,
every other lens system can be adapted to it.

Yes,I think you have analyzed it correctly. But another possibility is that a company w/o any legacy hardware baggage would be interested. Apple?

The only issue might be
patents, licensing on the lens comms.

In that sense, it needs to be a BIG company, with billions and billions of lawyers.

Certainly a great discussion generator - it will be interesting to
see who will be the first to try out the concept - I'd suspect
Olympus as they have pioneered the whole live-view in DSLRs and
you'd have to say that is but an evolutionary step towards a truely
EVIL design.

Olympus continues to do impressive things. They have a serious problem...small photosites. But some of the techniques I discussed would solve this problem. We'll have to wait and see if Japan, Inc. will allow them and their sensor partner to take the next step.

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