Sure To Cause A Stir - D3 vs 1DsIII

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Re: yes but 21 MP (Lifted from Photobusiness)

tabloid wrote:

D3X ???

One of the key points that was made when I interviewed Steve Heiner
at PhotoPlus, was that he was saying how great it was for the sports
photographer and photojournalist. He, and I've heard this elsewhere,
others, are positioning the camera as one that shoots fast and so
forth. They are not referring to the commercial photographers. Why?
Well, because of the D3x, that's why. Following in the footsteps of
the D1, and the D2, so too will there be a D3x. I've heard that it's
comparable to the Mark III as to file size. If the D3x has a
comparable filesize to the Mark III, and the high ISO's of the D3,
it'll trounce all over the Mark III, but I'll not hold my breath for
that "perfect storm" of capabilities. It's coming in the Spring,
certainly in time to get into the hands of photographers before the

Will the capabilities of the Foveon chip, with it's Leica-like
clarity make it's way in some altered form into the next generation
of Nikon or Canon cameras? Who knows. I do know that when the D3x
hits the stores, it will forever relegate my D2x to copy-work, and
I'll begin re-thinking the notion of an 18 month technology
life-cycle for cameras. I may not change my position, but these
current offerings certainly make it worth discussing.

we'll talk about it when we see one for real....

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