What's Your Favorite Fast Small Lens?

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Re: Hang fire on the spacers Brian!

Jim Ford wrote:

Brian Mosley wrote:

and giving perfectly fine service, but I'm intending to 'upgrade' to
the Snaar approach when the cardboards wears out.

I've just finished the artwork for laser cutting spacers for the 40mm
f1.8 and 135mm f3.5 Hexanon lenses that I have. At the school where I
work, the Design and Technology Department have a laser cutter. I've
bought a small sheet of 1.6mm 'Tufnol' to make them from
(unfortunately it doesn't come in 1.5mm, so 0.1 mm will need to be
removed). For those that aren't familiar with 'Tufnol', it's an
engineering plastic made of phenolic resin reinforced fibre. The
fibre used in the 'Carp Brand Tufnol' that I'm using is finely woven
cotton. Tufnol is a strong and stable material, much used in
engineering for jig and tool making. I'm hoping it'll cut cleanly
with a laser - I expect to try it later this week!

I'm now looking for a 50/57mm f1.4 Hexanon lens. When I get one I'll
make a Tufnol spacer for it. If there's any interest, I'll make
spacers for those that want them, charging a nominal price for the
material I had to buy.


I am definitely interested in two or three rings for the Hexanon 50 and 40, and another one to come. Keep us posted, and/or please send mail to:




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